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Enjoy the Grand Aerial Show of the Patrouille de France with a stunning set!
Lie down in the warm sand, relax and enjoy the show!

The mythical American fighter plane OV-10 Bronco will open this exceptional show, followed by the Extra 330 of the French Air Force Aerobatic Team (EVAA) which will perform breathtaking artistic figures.

Then it will be the turn of the French anti-submarine warfare aircraft, the Alizé Marine Bréguet Br.1050, to take to the skies at Cap d’Agde, accompanied by two historic Navy aircraft, the Morane-Saulnier MS733.

Then, the fighter plane Fouga Magister CM-170 of the group Tranchant, will take flight and as a final bouquet of this air show, the Patrouille de France will again honor us by coloring the sky of Cap d’Agde.

Finally, to close this aeronautical day, the American fighter plane OV-10 Bronco will return in the evening to offer a demonstration against the backdrop of the sunset.

All day long, take advantage of the exhibitors’ market and participate from the beginning of the afternoon to animations with the Air Force podium car.
At the end of their performance, the pilots will come to meet the public to exchange, discuss and sign autographs.

10am > 8pm : Exhibitors’ village
4pm (depending on weather conditions): Start of the air show
9:30 pm: Sunset demonstration of the American fighter plane OV-10 Bronco

Swimming and navigation regulated.
Date / time
Friday 19 July14:30

Practical information

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