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PORTI’RUN The dream run that will blow your mind!
After dreaming about it for several years, the town of Portiragnes and its municipal sports department are delighted to announce the organization of the 1st edition of the Porti’Run, a running race that showcases the town?s natural and seaside assets!
A 1.5km course will be reserved for young runners (aged 10 and over). 2 courses are available for solo, duo or relay runners: 8km (16 years and over) and 15km (16 years and over in relay or 18 years and over solo). The 8km course will also be open to hikers.
The Canal du Midi, wetlands, flamingos, Camargue bulls and even a trip to the beach are on the program for this beautiful course, which will be accompanied by a batucada and a banda!
The routes will be secured with the help of volunteers and the Réserve Communale de Sécurité Civile.
Anyone wishing to help organize the event is welcome. Please call 06 17 43 88 91.
There will be plenty of prizes for everyone, as well as prizes for the best in all categories.
Registration is open with ATS, the company in charge of registration and timekeeping, via the QR Code on the poster or at https://www.ats-sport.com.


Minimum priceMaximum price
Rate for children0.00 €
Full rate5.00 €8.00 €
Full rate8.00 €14.00 €
Full rate10.00 €15.00 €
Full rate18.00 €28.00 €
Date / time
Sunday 28 April09:00

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