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> Musical by Ely Grimaldi and Igor de Chaillé

The cult animated series Les Mystérieuses cités d’or (The Mysterious Cities of Gold), which aired on Antenne 2’s Récré A2 in the 80s, lulled a whole generation to sleep, and is now back in the form of a musical.

Children of the sun, come and travel the Earth, the Sky and relive, for one evening, the adventures of the intrepid Estéban, Zia and Tao. Embark with them on an extraordinary journey of initiation to discover forgotten civilizations…

A fabulous odyssey interpreted by 11 artists, singers and dancers, who put all their energy into a rhythmic show, combining choreography and combat without forgetting the cult songs from the series.

Not to be missed!

> With David Dumont (Estéban), Cassiopée Mayance (Zia), Alvaro Ruault (Tao), Sebastiao Saramago (Mendoza), Romain Tomas (Sancho), Olivier Grandclaude (Pedro et Calmèque), Lauri Lupi (Pizzaro), Guillaume Pevée or Benoît Facerias (Alvarez),
Gaëlle Gauthier or Dorine Pouderoux (Dolorès), Alexandre Lacoste (Menator), Pascale Moe Bruderer (Esperanza)
> Directed by Nicolas Nebot
> Libretto and songs by Ely Grimaldi and Igor de Chaillé,
> Music, Simon Fache,
> Choreography, Patricia Delon
> Lighting, Laurent Béal,
> Costumes, Corinne Rossi
> Masks, Julie Colfinières
> Puppets, Mehdi Garrigues
> Sets, Emmanuelle Favre assisted by Anaïs Favre
> Videos, Peggy Moulaire and Guillaume Aufaure

> Production, Les Grands théâtres and ID Proscenium

> Ticketing :
> either on the Saison culturelle website: www.saisonculturelle-agde.fr
> directly at the Direction des Affaires Culturelles and Théâtre Agathois box offices.
> or directly at the Palais des Congrès, 1 h before the show



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Reduced rate8.00 €

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