Welcome to Autumn!

Shining on nature’s warm hues of yellow, red and orange, the sun mellows as the days become shorter. But above all, this is the ideal season for a gentle stroll or a whole adventure trying out new experiences. To give you a few ideas here’s our list of the top 10 activities to do in autumn!

1. Stocking up at the market

With autumn comes a somewhat radical change of diet!

Forget that niçoise salad, it’s time for onion-squash soup. To check which vegetables are in season, nothing beats a trip to the market! Pumpkins, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, peppers and many more colourful flavours to chase away the autumn blues.

This autumn, purchase local produce direct from the farmers at the very best markets in Hérault. Here, in Cap d’Agde and the surrounding area, several markets invite you to take a gourmet tour.

2. Returning to the kitchen

Your basket is filled to the brim, so it’s time to get cooking!

Throw yourself into it in style with this 100% Mediterranean recipe: Tielle.

Made with tomatoes, white wine, garlic, olive oil and mixed herbs, Tielle is the perfect dish to kick off the autumn.

The base of this traditional recipe lies somewhere between shortcrust pastry and bread dough; it’s crunchy and soft at the same time.

So grab your apron and be generous, because once you’ve tasted it you won’t be able to stop. We’re tielling you!

3. Taking a cultural plunge

There’s no shortage of culture here. The rich and varied offering includes music, plays, comedy and even dance.

Performances that will amaze you, captivate you, grip you, or leave you feeling moved, troubled or amused.

So don’t hesitate to visit our theatres and auditoriums to experience the vibes of this season’s line-up which promises to be even better than the last!

4. Breathing in the great outdoors

Hiking is always a good idea in autumn.

The scenery is colourful, the climate more gentle and the hiking trails less busy.

Go prepared and hike up Mont Saint-Loup. This ancient volcano stands 113 metres tall, towering over the coast and the Agde hinterland.

An itinerary to follow on foot or by bike, whichever you fancy!

5. Exploring the vineyards

Head for Pomérols to lose your way on a 7-kilometre walk among the vines.

From the Beauvignac family wine cooperative, cross the village of Pomérols and wander through the narrow streets to the church of Saint-Cyr Sainte-Julitte.

Continue walking into the heart of the Pomérols vineyard. You’ll be able to see the big blue in the distance. To complete your loop itinerary, go via the Fontcouverte spring and back to the starting point at the wine cooperative.

6. Treating your tastebuds

Wine enthusiasts can educate their tastebuds at a tasting session in the wine estates and cooperatives around Pézenas: Montagnac, Caux, Florensac and many more. AOC Picpoul de Pinet, Grès de Montpellier and lots of other PDO wines await you. To explore the vineyards themselves, go hiking or cycling, or opt for a more original means of travel, on horseback or in a buggy.

A whole afternoon packed with surprises to stimulate your palate.

7. Cycling along the Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi crosses Toulouse and ends at Sète. For this autumn bike ride, there’s no need to aim for a major adventure. You can simply follow the canal from Portiragnes to Agde and enjoy the peace and quiet. Observe the ballet of canal boats and stop off at the Agde lock where they pass through to reach the river Hérault and the sea, or to pursue their journey to the Thau lagoon and Sète. An appealing spectacle for both children and adults.

8. Discovering ancient gems

Did you know? Where the river Hérault meets the Mediterranean Sea, some exceptional archaeological sites are hidden.

Make the most of autumn to learn more about the region’s historic secrets. From Prehistory to the Middle Ages, relive history through the virtual tours and witnesses’ stories on display at the Archéodyssée Hérault Méditerranée centre.

The ideal family outing for learning while having fun! You can also visit the museums and heritage centres to retrace our long history.

9. Going round in circles

Go explore these villages arranged in circles around a castle or a church. In our region, Nézignan l’EvêqueSaint-Pons de Mauchiens and Caux are all “circulade” villages.

Wander through their narrow streets to discover the well-preserved heritage of these architectural gems.

10. Taking a little time out

Autumn rhymes with changing temperatures and perhaps a touch of the blues.

The antidote is taking the time to pamper yourself. A well-deserved break to get the week off to a good start!

Treat yourself to an afternoon spa session, with massages, jacuzzi, hammam and other delights to enjoy again and again!

And take advantage of this opportunity to sample the season’s delicious produce: porcini, olives, grapes, almonds, chestnuts and much more.

Crédit photos : Abobe Stock – Natacha Durrieu – Henri Comte