THE holiday capital!

Whether you come as a couple, with family or with friends, Le Cap d’Agde, the Mediterranean seaside resort, will give you a warm welcome! Lively, trendy, surprising, green and totally seaside, that’s for sure, this Holiday Capital will win you over!

In Le Cap d’Agde, you choose the rhythm of your holidays

The famous seaside resort is made up of a mosaic of districts with different styles that combine the Mediterranean lifestyle. Experience 10 different atmospheres in the 10 districts, each with its own style, where typical Languedoc colours, pine forests and oleanders mingle. Calm or lively, it’s up to you to choose the district you prefer! There’s a wide area, largely open to the sea and backed by the Mont Saint-Loup, which you can explore on foot or by bike, thanks to the maze of footpaths and cycle routes.

A young, dynamic seaside resort

Le Cap d’Agde was created during the 1960s, due to a governmental decision to develop tourism along the Languedoc-Roussillon Mediterranean coast. Under this plan, immense beaches of blond agate sand were arranged harmoniously around facilities in accordance with the architectural codes and the typical colours of the Languedoc villages. It was the construction of the marina that really helped create the Le Cap d’Agde of today. Aqualand, the Ephèbe Museum, the Aquarium, the International Golf Course, the International Tennis Centre, the Ile des Loisirs leisure island, the naturist village, there’s a wide range of facilities on offer!

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A closer look at the “20th century heritage destination”label

This label, which distinguishes the major achievements that emerged between 1900 and 1975, has been awarded to Le Cap d’Agde for its architectural qualities, particularly for the ‘Port Saint-Martin’, a key site in the development of the resort created by the ‘Roots Mission’ from 1970.

Our recommendation

Classified as a Natura 2000 site, the Cap d’Agde coastline is a paradise for green tourism. Discover these protected natural areas on land and at sea: the Hérault river, the seasonal ponds of Notre-Dame, the Bagnas lakes (a National Nature Reserve) and, the largest, the protected marine area of ​​the Agde Coast ‘Posidonies du Cap d’Agde’.