These villages, built according to a circular plan around their castle or church, invite you to discover their preserved heritage.

Nézignan the Bishop, a jewel in its case

At Nézignan l’Evêque, time seems to have stopped! This village, built in medieval times around its castrum, along its three moats and concentric ramparts, will seduce you with its preserved architecture.
A break is required in the heart of its alleys that wrap around the 12th century church, take the time and push the door to discover its museum of sacred art.

©Philippe Lagarde

Saint-Pons de Mauchiens, perched on its rocky peak

Gathered around its seigneurial castle at the beginning of the Middle Ages, Saint-Pons de Mauchiens welcomes you around its ramparts. Do not miss, in the course of its picturesque alleys, the 12th century castle chapel and the remarkable houses characteristic of the southern architecture of the 15th and 17th centuries. It is time to capture the breathtaking scenery from its promontory and admire the flight of kestrels nesting under the roof tiles of the houses.

©Henri Comte

Caux, a marvel of architecture

Caux unfolds its 10th century circulation around its porch bell tower. Engage in the maze of its typical alleys for its three enclosures built in basalt, a characteristic stone of the village. This circulation retains all its medieval character. Don’t miss the wine-producing districts with their fine houses and wine cellars, outside the city walls. The opportunity to taste generous wines from the IGP Pays de Caux and the AOC Pézenas-Languedoc.

©Philippe Lagarde
Move on, there is everything to see in the heart of the circulades of Nézignan l’Evêque, Saint-Pons de Mauchiens and Caux!