Come to the Bagnas National Reserve in Agde and meet the European freshwater turtle known as the “damsel of the wetlands” in Bagnas and France’s smallest sand lizard, the Edward’s Sand Racer, contemplate dragonfly ballets twirl in the air, search for amphibians carefully camouflaged in preserved soils, and watch for the 250 species of birds that come to nest, feed or rest in the lagoon and on the banks!


ADENA (Association de Défense de l’Environnement et de la Nature des Pays d’Agde), the association that has been managing the Bagnas National Nature Reserve since 1983, welcomes you to this Mediterranean coastal wetland stretching from Agde to Marseillan on the banks of the Thau Basin. The reserve Natura 200 classification since 2010.

Created by citizens keen to preserve the nature in this 561-hectare wetland, ADENA protects, coordinates and manages this reserve in partnership with locals and scientific, naturalist and professional specialists in charge of environmental education in the Occitanie Region.

Explore and learn!

©Henri Comte


ADENA offers a wide range of activities all year round including nature walks between vineyards, ponds and volcanoes, discovering biodiversity, recognising species, creative workshops, fun games, conferences, exhibitions. Bookings required.

For history buffs:

Walk through history in the heart of the Bagnas and travel back in time searching for clues left in the past that tell stories about the connection between the local population and this unique lagoon.

Climb Mont Saint Loup to learn all about volcanism and this famous volcano with Mediterranean vegetation.

Heard about the Maraval estate in the Bagnas? Enjoy a nature walk to discover its mysterious biodiversity and wine-growing past.

Explore nature:

Nature lovers of all ages can discover unspoilt nature here. Discover the diversity of birds that shelter around the Bagnas lagoon and soak up the unique atmosphere. Follow a guide to observe the fauna, flora and landscapes with binoculars or telescopes.

Follow in the footsteps of the locals with your kids for a fun experience. Weird creatures with feathers, furry coats or antennae hide in these lowland areas, in some cases covered with thin, shining reeds appreciated by birds.

Discover the unimaginable fauna and flora of the beach between the sea and the dunes. Collect and observe clues left by the sea and learn how these mountains of sand are formed.

©Natacha Durrieu
©Natacha Durrieu


There are many activities to enjoy in the summer season to discover the abundant fauna and flora of the Mediterranean lagoons and reed beds.

Amphibians are fascinating! Particularly at nightfall, when you are guided from pond to pond by their songs. We call it the “frog frequency”!

Walk in the lagoon with a small fish net to surprise molluscs, crustaceans and fish.

Learn how to be an entomologist and discover the insect world equipped with boxes, magnifying glasses and other accessories to observe miniature creatures. Get up close to this intriguing world.

Finally, make way for “the magic of plants”! Take this walk and learn to recognise famous local species and their benefits guided by your senses.

©Natacha Durrieu


Enjoy experiences with ADENA all year round, according to the seasons. Learn about the challenges of managing and preserving this protected natural site. The number of people per activity is limited to preserve the natural site. Don’t forget to book your visit by email or phone.

Group bookings are welcome outside the general public programme. The ADENA teaching team offers special activities for school groups.


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