Knowledge and expertise, Pézenas and Agde certified by “Ville et Métiers d’Art” (Arts and Crafts City Label)! More than 60 artisans and creators have chosen Cap d’Agde Méditerranée. In Pézenas and Agde, they welcome you to their workshops all year round.

At the heart of Agde

In 2012 the Maison des Métiers d’art of Agde set up a gallery with a shop, and 26 craftspeople gathered in the Ateliers de la Perle Noire.

A great introduction to discover this stunning city and the black volcanic rock which characterises it; the visit begins with the exhibitions of the Maison des Métiers d’Art itself.

When leaving the gallery, a red path drawn on the ground leads visitors from one workshop to another to different passionate creators and artisans. A small Discovery guide of the town of Agde with a map, route and description will help you to find your favourite workshops, and this experience of the Ateliers de la Perle Noire is also possible led by a guide. Varied and engaging, they are the creators of fashion, musical instruments, image makers, ceramicist, plastic artists and painters, and many are focused on feminine elegance, following the tradition of the “Belles agathoises” and their taste for clothing and jewellery.

In Pézenas

For around fifty years, the rebirth of the historic centre of the town of Boby Lapointe has been the work of artists and creators. Begun as a summer activity, this occupation by artists and artisans is now permanent: around forty artisans and fifteen artists present their creations throughout the year. The main themes represented are crafts involving wood, iron, stone and the trades linked to heritage restoration.

Wrought ironwork, wood turning, creation of stained-glass windows, thermoforming, fusing, gilding, creation of hats, embroidery, glass blowing, different types of earthenware, and stringed instruments, using different materials: glass, polymer clay, paper, fabric, marble… painting on enamel or porcelain, creation of jewellery. Some of the creative professions are unusual! To discover them all, don’t hesitate to look at the website of the Métiers d’art!

In the very impressive shelly limestone building of the Maison Consulaire, the Maison des Métiers d’Art of Pézenas  Ateliers d’Art de France is a showcase of creative talents; it presents in the form of an exhibition/sale the expertise of 130 artisan creators from the whole of France. One room presents a jewellery shop, another is dedicated to household decoration. Two other rooms present temporary exhibitions which change with the seasons.

Between Agde and Pézenas, become a creator!

Have you always dreamed of starting a craft, but never done it?! It is possible! Faced with a growing interest in the exchange of knowledge and doing things yourself, several artisans have decided to dedicate some of their time to teaching their craft… In a few hours or a few days you can, depending on the workshops on offer, create an object yourself and take it away with you. Let yourself be tempted by these special moments, with a wide range of activities available thanks to the high concentration of artisans in two towns not far from each other, Agde and Pézenas. If your other half is more interested in wood while you prefer cloth, no need to choose, everyone can try out their passion.

Beautiful moments to come…