The wide-open spaces here are ideal for the wide range of environmentally responsible activities!

While you’re staying in Cap d’Agde, come and explore the different areas from so many varied perspectives. Dive into the marine ecosystem on a deep-sea diving session, contemplate local wildlife on a guided walking tour or as you explore the area by yourself, get a thrilling experience on a treetop adventure course, and so much more. Protect nature while having fun: this is the winning combination for your holiday in Cap d’Agde !

Here are some ideas for leisure activities that combine the protection of nature and exploration of biodiversity while you’re on holiday in our destination:

  • The getaways organised by the Tourist Office offer visitors the chance to explore the different areas around Cap d’Agde differently, thanks to the themed guided tours.

Would you like to explore the area on your own? Our selection of walks and hikes are adapted to the whole family, such as the educational trails at the  Grande Maïre in Portiragnes for example.

  • In Bessan, ecosystem diversity nature walks with a nature guide are organised in the summer. Go on a family canoeing trip down the river Hérault and admire the natural wonders all around you.
  • The Captain Game trail/game is a great way to explore the area around the marina in Cap d’Agde, with a games booklet to get stamped along the way. Another fun way to protect the port environment.
  • Nature has always been a superb playground for sports enthusiasts. As a family, climb up into the treetops for an afternoon on the adventure course, or go on a thrilling MTB ride through the forest!
  • Would you like to explore the underwater world? Cap d’Agde is one of the best places for diving and snorkelling in the Occitanie region! Don’t forget the rules to respect to protect the seabed: do not touch animals or plant life. As we often say to children: look with your eyes, not your hands!