23 km of fine sandy beaches, pebble beaches, naturist beaches, family beaches, wild cove, private beaches… there’s something for all tastes and desires. What will yours be?

Prefer lazing and sunbathing?

If for you not doing anything equates to holidays at the beach, bring your towel, we provide the sand!

Of course, you can’t resist the pleasure of lying in the sun, resting, sunbathing, reading and dreaming… Yet, a morning or evening walk to experience the sunset, a sand castle competition with the children and a bat and ball game with friends are all good reasons to switch off and full enjoy!

There are also “trendy” places on the beach to sip a drink or have lunch with your feet in the sand.

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Move around, sail, take off

Leave the beach to enjoy returning to it more and take to the water, with catamarans, jet skis, windsurfing, scuba diving, kite-surfing, stand-up paddle, para-sailing, water skiing, towed buoys, wake-boarding, sailing, cruises, sea rides, and many other activities for amateurs or lovers of the sea and water sports.

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This summer, it’s for sure we’ll go barefoot on the sand, listen to the sea, play with the waves, sail, dive…. are you tempted?