The shores of Cap d’Agde are drenched in sunshine all year round and even the winter months sometimes feel like summer. As the temperatures drop, bathers become walkers and explorers and go in search of the region’s treasures.

Come and make the most of the mild Languedoc weather to enjoy having the beach to yourself, visit ancient towns or stay indoors, with our 5 activity ideas designed for winter in Cap d’Agde!

Enjoying the fresh sea air

Summer has drifted away but the sun still shines down on the bright sand. This is when the beach reveals its true nature. As winter settles in, beach towels and stripy parasols yield to the coastline’s most beautiful colours. On La Conque beach, the incredibly black volcanic sand can be appreciated in all its wild beauty. The striking contrast with the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean may well tempt you in for a dip. But be warned, at this time of year, the water temperature only reaches 12°C at the most. So with your eyes riveted on the Mediterranean Sea, pursue your walk along the coast, towards the beaches of Le Môle and La Roquille. The seafront attracts a few walkers and various seabirds. Why not join them to make the most of the tranquillity of winter on the beaches of Cap d’Agde?

Need to warm up after your walk by the sea? Then head for one of the restaurants for a hearty dish of fish soup! And while you’re waiting to be served, sip at a glass of Picpoul de Pinet.

You’ll barely have time to savour the flowery aromas before your soup arrives! You’ll love this dish of rock fish cooked with white wine, vegetables and spices. This soup can be spiced up a little more with rouille spread on croutons, served on the side. With the first spoonful, all the delicious flavours of Languedoc burst in your mouth. Close your eyes and, suddenly, you’ll forget it’s winter and feel warm again just at the thought of those summer days.

©Aurélia Blanc

Relaxing in the spas

Escape to the relaxing atmosphere of a spa to recharge your batteries as you’re generously pampered. In midwinter, what could be more inspiring when your energy is low?

All year round, the Archipel centre and spas invite you to enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience, with whirlpool baths, saunas and a whole range of treatments designed to spoil you. Your troubles melt away and it’s over before you know it! After that totally relaxing break, you’re all set for a walk or bike ride to prolong the sense of freedom. The Mediterranean region is great for nature lovers, with fabulous settings for quality time with the family or a revitalising solo experience.

Keep the children happy as well as their parents!

In winter, the secret of a successful family holiday lies in being amused or amazed by life’s simple pleasures. If it’s chilly outside, head for some indoor fun. To name just a few possibilities, the Europark Indoor amusement park is a 3,000m² play facility where kids rule; the International Toy Museum is packed with ancient toys and games that will keep both children and adults entertained; the Archipel aquatic centre features pools for serious swimmers and recreational areas where you can enjoy those water pleasures at any time of year; and the Multimedia Centre of Agde hosts cultural activities and events for all audiences.

Need to let off steam? The tennis centre and the golf course will appeal to the sporty, while for a little fun, families will love the Fabrikus World amusement park and its many freely-accessible attractions. Want to unwind away from the crowds? Bessilles Park is a little green lung that’s packed with activities for spending some energy at any age.

Are they mad about nature? Birdwatching walks are organised throughout the year in the Bagnas National Nature Reserve.

More into stories from the past? Go and meet Molière at the Musée de Vulliod Saint-Germain, or Claude Terrisse at the Musée Agathois, or the Youth of Agde at the Musée de l’Ephèbe. And of course, being children, they have a sweet tooth! We recommend a visit to the sweet factory.

©Natacha Durrieu

Climbing to the top of a volcano

If you’re wondering why Cap d’Agde is such a hotspot, perhaps it’s because of its troubled history, its lively beaches, its lush settings or… its volcano! Towering above the coast, between the beach and the garrigue, the tranquil Mont Saint-Loup, now reputed as the perfect place for walks, is an old volcano that used to be better known for its lava flow. Following the trails up the slopes of Mont Saint-Loup, a fabulous spot for walkers, you’ll find yourself treading where volcanic eruptions once occurred. When the sky is clear, winter is the perfect time to explore this protected natural space nestling between sea and garrigue.

A hiking path leads from the foot of the mount to its summit, 113 metres up. You’ll have to tackle some uphill sections through the fragrant pines and garrigue.  When you reach the top, your efforts will be rewarded. From up there, you’ll enjoy a stunning view over the entire coastline of Agde, the Thau lagoon and all the way to Sète. If you’re among the lucky ones who climb Mont Saint Loup on a beautiful winter’s day, you may even see the snow-covered summits of Mont Ventoux and the Canigou mountains.

Strolling in the narrow streets

Typical of Languedoc, our towns and villages safeguard the memory of their long history. Take the time to wander aimlessly in their maze of narrow streets or to follow the indications on our tourist maps to unveil all their riches. In the historic heart of Pézenas, you’ll walk amid the golden hues of limestone, while in Agde or Vias, the houses display the dark shades of their volcanic stone. Two styles and two settings waiting to be discovered, and the promise of wonderful encounters with artists and craftspeople. Jewellery, paintings, contemporary art, wood, lamps, hats, gilded items, mosaics and a whole diversity of art forms to satisfy every whim.

In Pézenas, the art of bargain hunting and bric-a-brac are a way of life. Enthusiasts take note! The antique and bric-a-brac shops on the “route des antiquaires et brocanteurs” are an absolute must!

Crédit photos : A. Blanc – Office de Tourisme Cap d’Agde Méditerranée – Saul – Superchinois801