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Young team, local products, traditional know-how.
  • Home Disabled People

Type of products

  • Sweet biscuits
Entirely home-made and local, Biscuiterie La Jeannette offers dry, savoury and sweet biscuits based on the legendary story of a small village in the Hérault region.

Lou Pouli de la Favo :
Once upon a time, there was a village where people lived so happily that they used to say, “If you come to Vias, you’ll never leave! But then came the time of famine, and the Viassois found themselves less and less numerous.
At that time, there were only 2 animals left in the village, an ox and a foal. The day the ox was sacrificed, the foal took fright and ran away.
Jeannette, a pretty young girl, heard the foal in the scrubland, followed it and realised that it had taken her to a large bean field.
Her discovery saved the village from famine, and La Jeannette and her foal were celebrated with dignity.

Thus was born the legend of Jeannette, of the foal who became the totemic animal of the village, of the Vias fava bean, and of the Carnival so dear to the hearts of the people of Vias!

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