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Organization of a workshop to discover an artisanal method of soap making for personal and family use.
  • Entertainment
  • Creative hobbies
Handcrafted soap factory in cold saponification.
Manufactured from vegetable oils and organic raw materials.
Range of soaps formulated with or without essential oils for the most sensitive skins.
Manufacture of natural cosmetics, cleaning products and vegetable candles.

Amethic offers discovery workshops to make soaps, household products and natural cosmetics.
Schedule of workshops announced on the Facebook page: every Thursday in July and August and Saturday the rest of the year.

Means of payment

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Eurocard – Mastercard
  • Credit card
  • Payment cards

Practical information

Languages spoken

  • EnglishEnglish
  • FrenchFrench
Online booking
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