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In the heart of the town of Pézenas, where the great medieval fairs were held, and where the town?s creative activity was concentrated, some forty craftsmen and creators have now come together and taken up the challenge of committing themselves to offering only objects designed and made in their workshops.
Pezenas’ craftsmen
In the heart of the historic market town of Pézenas, once the stage setting of large and jubilant medieval fairs where one could feast one’s eyes upon the many fine crafts of the times, today some thirty craftsmen have gathered and taken up the challenge and once again, you are able to bear witness and admire many fine examples of craftsmanship, pieces uniquely conceived and created in their workshops. Easily identified by a distinctive label, top right, the craftsmen of Pézenas warmly welcome you into their universe.

Practical information

    • 44 rue Conti

    34120 PEZENAS

  • +33 4 67 98 05 65
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